Wrinkles and sagging skin? This discovery helps

Researchers discover active ingredient while drilling in Spain

06-24-2021 | Advertorial

Wrinkles and sagging skin make us feel older than we are

The best inventions are usually made by chance.

So in this case too. To find out whether life can arise on Mars, NASA has set up a laboratory in Spain. This is located on a river called "Rio-Tinto".¹

The soil there is very similar to the conditions on Mars. Therefore, this region is known as "Mars on Earth" among researchers.

Soil of the Rio Tinto in Spain

When examining the soil samples, there was a surprise. In addition to the knowledge that the soil is very likely ideal for the cultivation of food and plants, even living microorganisms could be detected. The reason for this seems to be the extremely mineral-rich soil. This serves as a true source of nutrients.

This discovery caught the attention of other branches of research. Hence, the microorganisms were examined by medical researchers more closely.

A positive effect could be observed in dermatological tests on human skin. The areas of skin that came into contact with the prepared "Mars active ingredient" showed a significantly firmer skin.

How does the Mars active ingredient work?

Most women know it. With increasing age, the elasticity of the skin decreases. ² Anyone who turns to classic anti-aging creams will quickly be disappointed. Even if wrinkles appear finer for a short time due to the plumping effect of hyaluronic acid, the skin remains slack.

The Mars active ingredient is different. This supplies the skin with an extremely mineral-rich active ingredient complex of the Rio Tinto, which has a firming effect on the skin.

The application should take place overnight so that the effect can fully develop. This is important because the "Mars active ingredient" is highly sensitive to light and the skin can absorb the active ingredient completely.

Who offers the Mars active ingredient?

Even if the USA is a leader in space research, the German company Evertz-Pharma from Frankfurt am Main was able to claim the Mars ointment exclusively for itself. Evertz Pharma uses leading insights from nature and science to develop market-leading products for health-conscious people.

Mars salve experiences

Mars ointment has a brownish-red hue and a special fresh smell that is pleasant. The consistency is a bit fluffy. It is easy to distribute and the skin literally soaks it up. After a few applications overnight, the skin feels tighter and firmer.

Experience Sandra (result may vary) *

Our readers Sandra and Monika also tested the Mars ointment for several weeks and were surprised by the effect. Petra reports of the sagging skin on her cheeks. “Not only have my wrinkles visibly reduced, my skin feels much firmer overall. It is like food for the skin. I did not expect such a result from a face cream. "

According to Monika, the ointment also had a positive effect: "As with Petra, I can say that my skin has become significantly tighter and firmer. My husband even said that my skin looks younger than I am. I feel very good with it and I'm happy that I was allowed to try the ointment ”

Would you like to try the ointment too?

If you would like to test the MARS Salve, you can order it risk free with 30 days money back guarantee directly from the manufacturer at

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* Results may vary from person to person. Figure based on person / name changed

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