Wrinkles? Scientific discovery makes us feel 10 years younger

Researchers identify breakthrough ingredient on “Planet Mars"

06-24-2021 | Advertorial

Help comes from the planet mars

Some of the most exciting innovations were discovered by accident

NASA scientists wanted to determine whether life could be sustained on the planet Mars, but without the extraordinary cost of space exploration. They built an experimental laboratory in Rio-Tinto, Spain where the environmental conditions are almost identical.¹ Scientists refer to Rio-Tinto as “Mars on Earth” due to the soil content. It’s mineral rich and highly acidic. In fact, the soil mirrors hydrochloric acid, which typically destroys most life forms.

Soil of the Rio Tinto

The scientists were shocked to discover living micro-organisms thriving in this hostile environment, and they isolated the substance that makes it possible.

Medical researchers tested this active ingredient on women in their mid-40s to mid-60s and observed an astonishing positive effect. The research participants showed a surprising improvement in skin firmness and elasticity.

This amazing discovery led German dermatologists to develop a spectacular new serum that helps women improve the look and feel of their skin. They named it Mars Salve.

How does the active ingredient work?

Beauty sleep is not a myth. Your skin recovers from daytime stress and regenerates when your body sleeps. Women who don’t get enough quality sleep often complain about wrinkles and saggy skin, especially around the eyes, cheeks and jowls.²

Have you tried to fix the problem with anti-aging creams? Most women we know were disappointed with the results. At best there was a short-term improvement in fine lines due to the plumping effect of the moisturizer, but their skin remained wrikled and saggy.

This is where the active ingredient comes into play. It rejuvenates tired skin and brings back youthful elasticity. Use it as part of your nighttime regimen to get the double effect from sleep recovery and Mars regeneration. The result? Your skin will become more firm and more elastic. Sagging jowls and wrikles, that make women look older than they feel, will tighten up again.

Where can you find the active ingredient in Mars Salve?

We review many cosmetics from many different countries, and we’ve learned to trust German superiority. Their food and drug agency dictates some of the world’s highest standards for ingredients that touch your skin.

That’s why we’re happy to learn a German company called Evertz Pharma has obtained the exclusive rights to the Mars Salve. This Frankfurt based group has an outstanding reputation in the cosmetics industry. According to the CEO, “Our goal is to set new standards for cosmetics innovations. Our research and development teams are constantly searching for new active ingredients from nature that deliver safe, effective new formulas. Our focus is on treatments that help women look and feel their best.”

Our personal tests showed amazing results

We conducted our own tests to see how well Mars Salve performs in the real world, beyond a controlled laboratory. Several of our staff members used the salve each night for six weeks. And then we recruited two of our readers, Petra and Monika, to give us outside opinions.

individual results may vary

The serum has a light, fresh, slightly earthy scent. And a reddish-brown tint due to the high density of minerals. We love the fluffy texture. Some serums are thick and oily and sit on the surface of the skin. Mars Serum goes on easily and absorbs quickly and completely. No greasy residue.

After the first few nights we noticed our skin texture had already started to tighten and feel firmer.

Petra and Monika told us they were surprised by the results. Petra said it improved the saggy skin on her cheeks. "Not only have my wrinkles reduced visibly, my skin feels super firm. It's like a clinical treatment. I’ve tried lots of anti-aging creams and serums, and I didn't expect such an impressive difference."

Monika told us the serum had a positive effect. "I can say that my skin has become firm and tight. My husband even said that my skin looks younger than I am. I feel very good with it, but I also know that it is pure luxury and a privilege to be able to try this rare treatment."

Want to give it a try for yourself, risk-free?

If you want to try Mars Serum to see for yourself how well it performs on your skin, you can order a jar directly from the manufacturer at

They don’t offer samples or a trial size, but they stand behind their products with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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